Customized CNC machines made to fit in your work island

We assemble ideas and mechanisms in the most congenial way to produce for you a customized CNC machine for chip removal.

From the CNC to the work island and back

With Applyca we go beyond standard CNC lathes and mills. Our numerically controlled machine tools for removing chips of any material (wood, various metals, plastic) are created for:

  • Meeting specific needs
  • The ability to move on different axis in order to perform different processes at the same time, without relocating the piece, and re-tooling the machine
  • Interact with other existing machines on the same work island (and here our transversal competence in industrial automation is a decisive advantage)
  • Fit into an existing factory layout, therefore with precise dimensions

For these reasons, the design starts from the single numerically controlled machine tool considered in the integration of the work island of which it will be built within. That being said, we are benefited from internally developing the programming software for operation and interaction with the rest of the production line, plus the fact that we can carry out any updates on existing machines, including those produced by others.

Synchronized design, testing and training

Applyca’s custom-made CNC cutting machines are designed together with you. From the very beginning, we train the customer how to use the simple and intuitive specific software interface that we have designed for them. This way, any aspect that is unsuitable or not entirely satisfactory can be reported and then modified. The progress of the project thus proceeds reaching the certain goal of our client’s solution. When the machine is installed, production can start at full capacity.

Which kind of CNC would you like?


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