Tailor-made industrial automation applications

Applyca designs and manufactures laser, CNC and robot machines and above all, we know how to combine them together by developing software to make them interact. At your service.

Which process of work do you need?

The in-depth and varied knowledge of the Applyca team in the vast field of industrial automation is what you need if you want to develop an intelligent automation project. The directions in which to go are many. Our challenge is to find the most appropriate way to combine knowledge and mechanisms and achieve the required result.

We have built CNC machines for boring, lapping or suitable for brushing and polishing single elements. Among the various revamping of industrial machines followed for valve assembly, grinding, punching, cutting and drilling, we took care of the revamping of pneumatic machines to assemble valves, reviewing the production cycle programming. We have transformed metal profiles with a system that measures, cuts, drills, mills and brings the piece to its destination; we have solved the cutting with ultrasounds: a precise and clean result, without any contact with blades.

Our interventions

The opportunities are endless and thanks to our expertise, that offer a wide-range knowledge in industrial automation, we are able to find original and customized solutions. In doing so, we take into account:

  • The work process and necessary travel
  • The spaces available in the layout of the environment
  • when needed, to carry out different processes in a single work cycle, with a single positioning of the piece

We also develop programming software for operation and to connect the application to specific machines, robots or work islands. In this integration activity, we also take care of any updating interventions on existing machines, including those produced by others.

Which industrial automation do you imagine for your company?


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