From the observation of the work process to the customized robot

Industrial automation uses robotics to speed up work and avoid human labor in harsh or unhealthy conditions.

Robotics in the company

In industrial automation consultancy, the observation part of the work process is also strategic in regard to the insertion of the robots. In fact, it reveals the phases in which to insert intelligent automation.

Often these are the steps that precede or follow a CNC machine on a work island. In the first case the robot can be used to take a piece, wash it, check it, and clean it; The second step is to collect the piece, and take it to the next processing station, insert it in another machine and pack it.

Quality robotic cells with Applyca

When introducing robotic cells in our industrial automation interventions we use only quality components, with a preference for Fanuc and Denso because they offer very wide and versatile ranges. They range both in size, weight lifted and supported, and also in the extension of the movement allowed to their mechanical arms.

In the case of intervention in existing plants, we also work on robots of other brands.

The right robot for your company is close.


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